Playlist Request

I create and edit a LOT of playlists, some of which are rather large. I like to move around the different tracks, but can only move one at a time. I know I can ADD or REMOVE more than one track, but I would like the capability of selecting more than one track in a playlist and moving them up or down on the playlist. Most other software programs allow this.


That would be VERY helpful. Particularly for long playlists.

Great idea. Thank you

I do this, as well, which is why I do all my editing in iTunes. Roon (finally) seems to be very good at importing your iTunes library and playlists (even Smart Playlists). The only downside is, of course, that you need to restart Roon after editing playlists in iTunes.

This would seem to be an opportunity for someone to write a powerful playlist editor using the iTunes XML or M3U formats. I doubt Roon will have the time or inclination to do some of the really cool things a motivated user that is also a programmer could/would do. Maybe something already exists…

You should look at

Another reason I stay with iTunes for playlist and library management.

I gave up on iTunes a while ago. It’s really quite terrible to deal with. I have too much content it does not understand. I would need a playlist editor that would read the same directories I have Roon setup to read. I would need to deal with FLAC, ALAC, and DSD files.

Another big downside is, that Roon does not support folders.