Playlist/search help

@support very new to Roon…love what I am hearing so far…one question: the whole point of Roon was for me,and more importantly my family to enjoy the platform via my system rather than Amazons infernal Alexa…Am I right that in order to create “named” playlists for them to access via Roon,I have to add tracks/albums from native sites like Tidal/Qubuzz etc first,then Roon will harvest libraries and make them accessible from the Roon home page via the search function?

If you want to play specific music, you have to stream it from Tidal or Qobuz or play from your own rips. So yes, just add the tracks from Tidal, Qobuz, or both if you don’t have them in your own music rips.

Hi @steve_holloway,

We have information on playlists here in our KB.

Have you added TIDAL and/or Qobuz to Roon by going to Settings > Services? Once added, you should be able to browse content from these streaming services and add them to playlists.