PLaylist sharing

I have created several playlist from my own library (THIS IS NOT A TIDAL QUESTION)
I can see them on my core but not on any other endpoint. I have opened playlists is core and identified as shared playlists (blue) I still cant see them.

Also when I create a playlist on another endpoint and share it does not show up back on the core. I only have one profile one user so how do a share?

Do I have to import a playlist into every endpoint from every other endpoint?

Hi @Kenneth_Eis,

Can you share a screenshot of the playlists you’re not able to see on the remotes? Can you share a screenshot of the edit playlist screen as well (see below)?


Here is the other side. I presume that if you have set a playlist to share to all profiles I ought to see it at all end points?

What are using as core and remotes?

AFAIK all playlists are created on the core the remotes are exactly that remote control of the core. Could you possibly have 2 instances of a Roon Core running?


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Core is iMac
macmini and ultraRendu/DAC viewed via ipad

mac mini sees same playlists as core but ultraRendu viewed through ipad sees one or two but not most playlist on core

core does not see playlist created on ipad

How would I know if I’m running two cores? Under settings I see Keneths-iMac-5 where would a secont core running show up?

I created a new profile just to check. So no I have one profile used for everything. New profile was just a test never to be used.

Same with Core. I turned off core and did see another core a generic for iMac. Never used that so back to the only core I’ve ever used. I guess this doesn’t preclude a second core being on but have no idea of how to varify it one way or the other.

Go to settings -> general and disconnect core.

You will then get to a connection screen and if you have more than one choice here you have more than one core.


Thanks…OK I have two cores one named KenMac and the other This Mac. I have always used KenMac. How do I delete a core? There is only a connect button? BTW the two cores are the same physical computer.

First just make sure this is the issue by making sure all instances of core and remote are connected to KenMac. Then see if your playlists show up. Then we can look at the deletion issue of ThisMac.


Of course what you’ll need to do is connect all to kenmac and create a new playlist in a manner that didn’t work before and check it works this time.


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