Playlist Songs Unavailable Since Last Update

Since the last update most of the songs in my playlists that were from my local library are showing unavailable. Although playing albums/songs from my library is fine and the Storage settings are good. And Qobuz is fine.

Before I go through and do all the work to delete/re-add each song, has anyone else seen this problem?

Thank you

What are you using as the Roon Core and what are your versions for Core and remotes?

IOS Remotes have been updated as well. But seeing this behavior on my MAC which shows updated above

Thanks, this is weird. There was a recent issue where some people’s local libraries became unavailable (and hence of course also the songs on playlists), but this was expect to be fixed with the latest hotfix update build 1234, and was confirmed to work by some affected users. But you have that one. I am moving your thread to the #support category, I think this must be looked at

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Thank you!

Any comment from #support on this yet?

I was hoping #support would prioritize this issue since their update broke this for me…