Playlist sort by album

Hello specialists,
I know that this is an old issue. But that is the reason for me for do not understanding that it is not solved.
So far I see it is not possible to sort songs that are included in a playlist by album packages. I have hundreds of songs in one playlist and its difficult to have an overview. And I think it makes no sense to create for each album a playlist.
In other words: I promise to buy the lifetime abo as soon as you (yes you from Roon :slight_smile: ) solve this issue.

hi uli
As I am interested in qour question, could you please explain a bit more?
How is your album playlist build ( that’s what I am after) and what do you want to sort upon?
As far as I can see, one can sort alphabetically both on albums and tracks at this moment

And Artists and Album Artists. (I am not really responding to you, but joining in on your comment). There are many options to add to Playlist Sorting found in the down carot on the right hand side.

I try to explain.
For example:

  1. I create a new play list and I call in “Ulis lovely songs”.
  2. I put a song of Madonna in the list, and an album from Black Sabbath, and a second album from Black Sabbath, and an album from Queen, and a song from Tina Turner, and an album from … and so on.
  3. After that I have got a playlist of about 333 songs.
    Result is that I see all the songs in only one list. And it does not look like a catalogue but as a paper telephone book from the 80’s. Now I want to hear the songs from one album and I have to scroll and scroll and scroll through the playlist to find the album. Yes, I can sort by album and by this and by that. But at the end I have a long list and no overview.
    Or in other words: The catalogue of Roon itself is wonderful organized and sorted by album/interpret. But my playlist not.
    Hope you understand, because my English is like from an alien.

It seems like you want to have both Alphabetical Artists Sort AND Alphabetical Album Sort going at the same time, which is not possible for the entire list; however, if you filter on a specific artist and then alphabetize their albums, you could have all of the Black Sabbath tracks on your playlist grouped by album and then you can play them in the queue.

Having both could be a Feature Request.

No , sorry, that is not, what I wish.

If I put a complete album in a playlist I find for each song an album icon. Ten albums each with 10 songs means hundred icon.
My wish is to have ten album icons and if I click on one of these album icons a new window opens that shows the ten songs that are included.

Then you should put in a Feature Request.

That sounds like a “foldable” or “internally collapsible” list. Interesting idea.

This sounds like the OP is using playlists for the job Roon tags are meant for.