Playlist sorting? [On Roadmap]

How do I sort a Roon playlist by, say, Artist?

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You can’t sort tracks inside the playlists, but you can re-arrange the order by d’n’d tracks.

Yeah, I know I can drag them up and down… Just about every player soft out there allows you to sort… How come I can’t do this in Roon!? &)(&$()^&#)_(!!!

I have 75 tracks in this playlist, I add these tracks over time. Pain in the bottom to be dragging around. Seriously.

I talked to the team, we can add the ability to sort by artists, tracks and others - similar to what we do with Tracks browser. But this work won’t be done for 1.2, so expect it to see this feature in our next releases.


Pretty awesome. Thx!

I see this is planned and marked as solved, but would just like to add my voice to this, it would be a great improvement I think.

With playlist sorting tentatively pencilled in for the future, is this likely to include the option to sort on track artist? Currently even in the main track listing view only ‘Album Artist’ is available for sorting, which for me gives thousands of ‘various artist’ listings, which is meaningless, rather than the actual ‘track artist’, which is jolly useful!

Playlist sorting would be a bit of a game changer for me, little things … Although I notice this has been ‘on the road map’ for over four months now? OK, I am a patient chap, happy that this one is coming along eventually, but I would like a rough idea of when it might be planned. Lets say it’s next year, fine, then I can forget about it for now, it’ll be along eventually. Any indication? OK, I know setting deadlines is usually a bad idea in the world of software development, but I’m just after a very rough indication, any kind of hint would be much appreciated!:slight_smile:

Has this made the cut for inclusion into the 1.3 release?

Around 50 sec to drag and drop the song from number 380 to number 1 in the playlist. That’s the main pain with playlists. Isn’t it possible to write in a number and put the song immediately at the wished place?


I have the same problem. This feature would be really helpful.

While you’re planning playlist improvements, please add the ability to select multiple songs to move in bulk to another location in the playlist rather than just one at a time. Thank you.


I would also like to be able to sort playlists. Alphabetically but also by other fields of interest like Last Played, Date Added, Plays, etc.

This is really a game changer for editing playlists

You can sort a play list by clicking on the heading at the top, to allow you to change the sequence to play them but it does not save them that way. you can return to the original sequence by pressing the up / down arrow on the left

I wish Harman might listen to this request?

1 more plug for selecting and dragging multiple songs at once in a playlist. Please!!!