Playlist synchronization of BluOS playlists

Hi everyone,

I have a general question on how the Bluos playlists are synchronized and particularly updated in Roon. I have exchanged my Node2 against a C658. It took over the Playlists from the Node 2 of course. But then I have made a new playlist in the BluOS app and deleted one. Neither changes show up in the Playlist section in Roon. There are still only the old Playlists from the original Node2. I am using ROCK as a core on a NUNC with the most current versions. Remotes are Android (10 and 12) and Windows 10 Desktop. The C658 is my only BluOS device in the system. Others are Google Nest Minis.
Thanks for any explanation and/or ideas.

Cheers, Frank

Hi @Frank_Hardung thanks for reaching out about this, I appreciate the opportunity to clarify! We do not have an integration with the BluOS app, so they would not automatically be synced within Roon unless those playlists are in a watched folder in Roon or are synced with TIDAL (Roon does have TIDAL integration).

Where do you store your music and playlists? Is your music located in TIDAL or do you have it saved locally?

We’d be interested in seeing the Roon Settings → Storage page on your account, would you be able to send us a screenshot of the Storage page and share it with us here?

Thanks so much!

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Hi Frank,

If you have a playlist in TIDAL and add to it via the BluOS app, these two will sync. Then, your TIDAL playlist will sync with Roon.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

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