Playlist Tags Not Displayed on Tidal Tracks

Roon Core Machine

Core: Roon Nucleus+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network: wired ethernet, Comcast cable modem, eero router, Netgear ethernet switches

Connected Audio Devices

DAC: dCS Vivaldi system

Number of Tracks in Library

~60,000 tracks (local + Tidal + Qobuz)

Description of Issue

I just discovered yesterday (09/12) that playlist tags are not displayed on some (but not all) Tidal tracks. So far as I’ve been able to tell, this is not a problem with Qobuz tracks, nor tracks on the local Mac Studio SSD. Only for Tidal tracks, and not even all of them.

With 60,000 tracks in the Roon database and numerous (sometimes large) playlists, this becomes quite an annoying problem.

Attached are iPad screenshots showing (1) that the switch to show playlist links is set to “Yes”; (2) a portion of a playlist that contains the Tidal tracks “Hotel California” (from Hell Freezes Over) and “I’ve Got the Music in Me” (from the album of the same name); and (3-5) the album pages/track lists for both albums with the playlist tags for both examples missing.

Hi @Charles_Craiglow,

Can you please verify that you have the settings to display these tags turned on for your iPad (they are on the Settings > General page)?

These tags are only displayed for tracks and albums that are in your Library, whether local or streaming content.

If some, but not all, are library tracks, then that’s a potential and normal mechanism for the discrepancy. Please let us know if “Hotel California” and “I’ve Got the Music in Me” mentioned above are Library content for you.

Yes - the first image included above shows the “Show playlist links” setting is set to “Yes”

However, I believe I have figured out the problem. The tracks in question were - probably - placed in the playlist, BUT without the associated album being added (at the time) to my Roon library. I believe this is what causes no link to display. After placing the albums in the library and re-adding the tracks to the playlist, the playlist links are now displayed.

Problem is - I discovered this subtlety, but could find no way on the website to close this issue. But we can close it now. Thanks.


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