Playlist tracks missing after changing music storage HDD [Resolved]

My setup:

  • I’m running Roon Version 1.4 (build 298) on a SonicTransporter.
  • The OS is a variant of Linux
  • The control device is a iPad
  • Music is stored on an HDD attached to SonicTransporter via USB.
  • My Collection size is 18,465

My Issue:

I’m running Roon from a sonicTransporter and I changed my music storage HDD so I could format the drive as ExFAT, per the recommendation of @agillis. I copied all of my tracks from my old drive to the new one.

After I got Roon working again, my Playlists are listed, and but some of them show the number of tracks, but when I click on the playlist, no tracks are there.

How can I get my playlist tracks back? I backed up Roon database before doing anything. Do I need to do something with that? @support


@mike or @Eric any suggestions?

Anybody have any suggestions?

This would interest me too.
Any Chance to “re-hook” an existing playlist to the new location of the Music?

Hi, @Gary_Gil, @Gary_Gil, thanks for the reports!

A quick question, are you talking about Roon created playlists or m3u files, which are located in the watched folder?



Hi @Ivan, These are Roon created playlists.

  • Gary

Thank you for the continued feedback @Gary_Gil and more importantly, thank you for your patience here.

Before we go about gathering diagnostics, logs, etc … a few questions concerning the mentioned playlists. Please see below.

  • Based on your report it sounds like you have followed the steps highlighted in our knowledge base on how to move your collection to a different storage location. Can you please verify for me that all steps in the mentioned process were followed.

  • Please provide screenshots highlighting this error you are noticing with the mentioned “Roon created” playlists.

  • Just to make sure, the content that makes up these playlists is available in the application but just not present on the playlist, correct?


Hi @Eric, thanks for getting back to me on this.

Good news, I turned on Roon this morning and there was an update, so I updated it and all of my Playlists are back!

To answer your questions though, I did not follow the steps on how to move my collection to a different storage location.

I did backup Roon, but I didn’t follow the other steps because I wasn’t aware of them.

@agillis suggested that a previous problem I was having was my music drive, and had suggested that I formatted it as ExFAT, which my previous drive was not. So I purchased a second drive, formatted it as ExFAT and simply copied my library over to the new drive, named the drive the same thing ‘music’ and then after several attempts, finally got Roon to recognize the new drive.

But all is good now, so you can close out this Support request.

  • Gary
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