Playlist tracks unavailable after moving library

Apologies for slightly hijacking this somewhat old thread, but I did follow the steps as listed, but I came across the same problem. I copied all my files to a new disk, disabled the old locations in Roon, connected the new disk and enabled it, but the playlists keep showing the files as “Unavailable”. Even after removing the old and new locations, and then re-adding the new location, files remain unavailable. I don’t have a backup of the library available. The files are not yet gone from the old location, so I could simply re-add that, and have them show up again, but in the end, I do want to move them. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Daan_Vreeswijk,

I’ve moved you to a new thread so we can better assist you here. May I ask that you please go to Settings > Library > Clean Up Library and share a screenshot of this window. Please note that you should not clean up the library, we just want to verify the numbers showing here.


Hi Dylan,

Apologies for the delay in response - the system is not in my home, and I was away from it for a while.

Please find the screenshot below. Indeed it shows that 6809 files (that’s the whole local database) can’t be found.

Best regards, Daan.

Thanks for the screenshot, @Daan_Vreeswijk,

Please take a look at this article about migrating your library:

It looks like the new watched folder may have been added here before the old watched folder was disabled. If that happens, rather than updating the existing database entires, the files from the new watched folder are imported as new files.

The best solution here is to restore a backup from before the migration and then follow the steps listed in the article above to migrate once more.


Hi Dylan,

Thank you for your reply. I can assure you that I did disable the old locaction first. I did not delete them, but I did disable them, which should be enough, correct? Unfortunately, I don’t have a backup. So I’m guessing there’s nothing left to do, right? Perhaps it can at least be filed as a bug report?

Many thanks, Daan.

Hi @Daan_Vreeswijk — Than you for the follow up! Dylan is out of the office today so I am keeping an eye on things for him and wanted to touch base with you on the above.

Continuing forward, if you have added these files to your library twice there is a chance that without a backup you might not get back to where you were before. It’s important to remember that backups are used to preserve all information stored in your Roon database… edits, playlists, favorites, bookmarks, etc. Which is why we recommend using a backup restore, as you have read in link provided above, when performing a library migration, so all that information can be maintained even when the storage location has changed.

This doesn’t seem like a bug to me as the behavior being reported is what I would expect if a backup had not been used during this process. However, I would like to propose the following to see if we can improve things for you here. Kindly see below for instructions.

  • Before anything please make backup of your current Roon DB.

  • Once the backup has been created please, “disable”, then “remove” your current watch folders that were for the previously used storage location.

  • Now that the previously used watch folders have been removed please create new watch folders from the new storage location.

  • Confirm how things look in Roon with the “new” watch folders in place.


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