Playlist Transfer/Save Question

I have a local drive connected to my Roon Rock via USB That is my current library and playlists. I am retiring that drive and using a NAS instead. I added that NAS library to Roon. However I dont want to lose my playlists that I have built. I assume I will lose that playlists when I delete the old drive/Library. Can someone instruct me on how I can not lose the playlists? Thanks so much

I have essentially the same problem… I put over 1,500 songs on about 80 playlists for my music files that are at a network location. I am copying all the music files from that network location to my Roon internal storage, but don’t want to have to re-create all those playlists (the playlists took two full days to make!).

How can I leverage the playlists I made for files at one network location when I have those exact files on the Internal storage of the Roon?

Hey @Andrew_Carr – looks like you didn’t get an answer here but if you follow this guide your playlists should be fine: