Playlist where a song belongs dont appear anymore in album view

Good morning
I am using Roon 1.8 (884) and my the playlist where a song is located doesnt appear in album view anymore, despite having the option in the settings
I show an example of a playlist

and the album view where playlist is not displayed

and a screenshot of the settings

Few days ago, using the same roon version, playlist where shown
I have edited my question to show that, when I add a new song to a playlist it does appear in the album view

Other songs already included in any playlist still dont appear in the album view as such
Any tips?
Thanks in advance for the support

It’s in Settings, General in my client.

Thank you for your suggestion , but this option is already selected in my settings

Any other suggestion?

Is this for all older playlists/albums?

I’ve moved this to the support area.

Thank you for your support.
What is very strange to me is that this has began to happen only with my “old” playlists. Curiously enough, if I add a song to any of my “old” playlists or to a new one then playlist will be visible in the album page. But when I go to an album with songs already contained in my “old” playlist, it will not appear in the album view.
Unfortunately, I cannot link this to any software update but I can confirm that a few weeks back the songs and their playlists were displayed in the album view.
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Proper roon support can have a look hopefully.

Dear Ged
Do you know how that support can be triggered? This topic has been opened for 23 days now
Thanks for your advice

I think they are a bit busy so probably concentrating on more severe faults.
You could also contact them via the roonlabs site, might work,

Thanks for the tip

Hey @Albert_Redrado,

Thanks so much for explaining the issue you’ve ran into and for your patience while we were notified of this. We’ve received your email as well (thanks!), but decided to reply here as this might help our community as well.

I’ve taken your case to our QA team, so they can take a look and share some suggestions. They return to work on Monday so you’ll hear back from us early next week :nerd_face:

Hey @Albert_Redrado,

Our QA team has had a chance to look closely at your case. What would really help them is knowing the content of the playlists: do they contain files from your local library? music from TIDAL or Qobuz? Both?

If you could try a test, would you be able to backup Roon in a safe location, log out of Roon and select the restore function. Could you please restore an older backup and see if the issue persists?

Thanks :pray:t2:

Playlist only have my local songs

Is it also okay when I create a new copy and I restore it?

Best regards

I was asking for clarifications some days back. I confirmed that my playlist only have local songs.Anyhow this is what I have done:
Created a new backup
Delete Roon
Download and install a new copy of Roon
Restore the backup
Conclusion: problem persists
I will appreciate a response after all this time

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