Playlist with Albums only

I try to display a playlist so that I only see the Albums. I have found the filter to only display the album title and sort by it, that still displays all songs. So, what would do if I wanted to create a collection of Count Basie’s best albums, according to my taste, from Qobuz? I would of course not want to mix songs between these albums, but select an Album or two to be played in sequence?

Hi @Joachim_Strobel,

Playlists are only for tracks, but you might want to look into using tags instead.

Ok, I try tags. May be you see a chance to care for the Jazzophiles and design a playlist for albums? I know, nobody has it, neither ITunes or Amazon - I left Amazon because of that too. So, this could be a nice niche Roon could care for…

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