Playlists - album view?

How can I view my Playlists as albums and not a list of tracks? (as in Audirvana and others)

You can’t in roon.
Many requests for it to be implemented.
Search the forum if you want to add your voice.

Wow thats not good…thanks

I’m deciding between Roon and Audirvana at the moment …that’s a point to the competition!

I’m liking the idea of Roon on my Synology NAS so I’ll try it now and see if that redeems it :slight_smile:

You can view albums in bookmarks, which I find a useful alternative to playlists, especially as bookmarks set up through Focus can function like automatic playlists, with tracks/albums/artists/etc. added (or removed) according to your criteria.

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Thanks Stan- yes I can see Tags and Bookmarks are alternative to Playlists for the album view. Cool, will investigate.

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