Playlists and roon - updating automatically

Hi all,

As qobuz playlists update on a weekly basis, does this also get updated in the playlists section of roon too if I save the qobuz playlist?

The idea is I can save multiple genre playlists - eg. New in Electronic and see the new weekly updates within the playlist section of roon and arc

Hope that makes sense.


A Qobuz playlist the you see in Roon, either on the Home Screen or within the Qobuz section of Roon will be refreshed within those screens. When you save these playlist in Roon, the will be added to the Roon playlists (My Stuff > Playlists), but they will not be updated AFAIK.

The “My Weekly Q” that is available in Qobuz can be saved to a playlist in Qobuz. Doing so will show that playlist in Roon, both on the My Qobuz tab of the Qobuz section, as well as in the Roon playlists. This playlist will also not be updated.

Hope this answers your question.

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