Playlists Auto-Pruning Unavailable Tracks?

Roon Server Machine

Dedicated MacBookPro (nothing else running except system and RoonCore)
Ubuntu 22.04 (LinuxMint)
3.5 GHz Dual-Core i7

Core: Roon 2.0 (1353)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet between RoonCore and most endpoints

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi
Raspbian Bullseye
USB → Schiit Modi DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

One of the features I really love(d) with Roon is how when you would remove an album from the library that had tracks in a playlist, that playlist would list the missing tracks as “Unavailable”. It is (was) a great way for me to know which tracks to upgrade in a playlist when I upgrade an album (say converting from ALAC to FLAC), unlike other tools like iTunes which would just remove the tracks from your playlists when you removed the source content from your library.

Last night, I was upgrading some albums I purchased a few years ago in ALAC to FLAC and started going through the playlists to track where I needed to swap out tracks from those albums from the now-unavailable ALACs to FLACs, but went to bed before I finished. When I got up this morning to resume, those tracks which were flagged as unavailable last night are no longer in playlists, as if Roon has auto-pruned those tracks from the playlists. The Unavailable ALAC versions which no longer exist in my library are just gone from the playlists, no longer labeled as Unavailable but still listed in the playlists.

Is this a new feature? I’ve never noticed unavailable tracks going away from a playlist automatically. If it is new, can we get the old behavior back? Or is there a new setting that I’m missing to show/hide Unavailable tracks?


Hi @rcrawley,

Thank you for the post. It’s certainly frustrating to lose track of a playlist mid-update. A few clarifying questions might help us illuminate precisely why your preferred behavior is no longer the norm:

  1. How did you Remove the ALAC albums from your Roon library? Did you delete the file outside Roon, or delete the track itself under the Edit menu in Roon? Or did you just disable a Watched Folder?

  2. Did RoonServer restart overnight before you continued to edit the playlists and swap out the old ALAC tracks for FLACs?

The recent update’s split to fully dedicated RoonServer instances might have changed the rescan intervals of local storage. How often do you force a rescan of your watched folders?

  1. If you navigate to Settings → Library → Clean Up Library, what are the numbers of associated or deleted files in the dialog window that opens?

Hi @connor .

  1. I deleted the album from the hard drive directly, I didn’t not delete it from within Roon via the Edit menu. This is my normal workflow when upgrading albums: Delete the source directory from the watched folder, copy the new folder, then in Roon periodically doing a Library cleanup to remove the old album from Roon (even though the removed albums aren’t available in Roon after I delete them from the watched folder).

  2. I don’t know honestly. The server itself didn’t restart but I don’t know if the Roon service restarted itself for some reason.

  3. Library cleanup always shows the accurate numbers based on my workflow in #1 above. If I delete two albums with 11 tracks each from the watched folder cleanup will show me that 22 need to be cleaned up.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

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