Playlists by album or song

Is there a way to see what playlist(s) an album or song belongs to?

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Settings - General - Browsing Preferences - 4th item (at least 4th in my system). Note that it will only tell you what playlists a track is in, not an album. Strictly speaking, an album isn’t in a playlist, its tracks are.Roon lets you add all the tracks in an album to a playlist by using the three-dot menu of that album, but it is the tracks that are added, not the album as such. And, unfortunately, this only works on the page for an album. Playlist information is not listed in My Tracks as far as I can tell; though it should be.

Bingo! Thank you.

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OK, I set that preference, but I still don’t see where it shows me the playlist(s) a track is in.

Select an album and each track should have the playlist shown. As I said, playlist information does not appear in the My Tracks display, just when the details of an album are displayed.

I’m just not seeing it. For example, the tune “Solitude” is in a playlist called “Lovely jazz”.

Hey @Stan_Jones thanks for jumping in to help!

@Jay_Barnett thanks for asking and for your patience while we got a chance to reply. I wish it would have been much much sooner :pleading_face:

There have been a few glitches with displaying the link to the playlist a track belongs to. After updating to build 778, are they still missing?

Nice follow up, Rebeka. It’s appreciated. I haven’t seen any anomalies lately. All seems to be good.

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