Playlists by Roon - empty?

Looking for some background while working on something else and saw the ‘Classical Weekend’ Playlist by Roon - except - it’s empty, no tracks showing. Same for Uncorked and Pour Over playlists. A problem? Or maybe these playlists weren’t supposed to be listed but someone forgot a step?

Good here with Qobuz… is streaming working for you? Try a restart?

I’m on Tidal, maybe that’s the issue. Just did a re-start - will try again.

Just did a Mac re-start and Roon re-start and all is correct now. Should have listened to my own advice; “it’s a computer - when in doubt, re-boot” :slight_smile:

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Listened to Classical Weekend this morning:

Very nice – like all of @Sarah_Stuart 's creations.

That does not help you, of course. Have you tried rebooting your Core and/or logging out of and in to Qobuz yet?