Playlists display as text

When I open a Playlist in Roon it shows up as a long list of boring text. Is there a way to see them listed with their Album Covers like most everything else in Roon. I looked around, but I don’t see any way to change this. I’m rather new so maybe I just missed something. I hope this is not the way it shows up, row after row of text titles makes me yawn.


Hi @dancremeans – thanks for the feedback here.

Sadly, there is only one playlist view right now, although we agree it could look better and we have plans to revisit the design in the future.

Obviously, we can just add little covers to each row like we do on the Queue screen, but if you have ideas, or if you’ve seen interesting ways of displaying playlists, feel free to let us know.

So much of Roon is designed to get away from showing music in the “spreadsheet” view and we do have some ideas kicking around for making these screens look better, but playlists are pretty “list-y” by definition, so it’s tricky.

Anyway, it’s on our list for a redesign, so thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for your honesty on the subject. I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Thanks for the great product. Interface is so important and makes it a lot more fun!

This is just a side note, but the way you are required to enter your username & password to login to the website precludes the ability to use 1Password, username & password must be entered manually. Not a huge deal, but a slight inconvenience.


This may have been answered elsewhere - apologies if this is the case.

Because my library is extensive, I have created a playlist called ‘favourite albums’. This is so I can have immediate access to the albums that I listen to the most. I like to play them in their entirety as if they were LPs or CDs on a shelf. The playlist display only shows a list of tracks.

It’d be great if the display could be switched so it looks like the display does in album mode - ie with icons representing album covers. Clicking on each icon reveals the tracks associated with that album.

I’ve tried without success to change the playlist display. Is what I’m looking for possible under the current version of Roon?

Thanks in advance.

Instead of a playlist, Tag your albums as “Favourite Albums” using Roon Tags. That will give you the display you want…

Thank you. That solves my issue.