Playlists Export Without Music Files

How to export playlists without the music files themselves?

I’m stumped. If no one comes up with a way to do this, it should probably get moved to “Feature Requests.”

There doesn’t seem to be a way to export a playlist without exporting the accompanying music files.

Am I missing something?

You can do it this way:
Select your playlist
Right-click 1st track to select
At the top left, click Select All to srlect all your trackd
Click on the 3 dots at thd top (besides the Play Now field)
Now you can select Export, and you can opt go export to Excel.

P.S. this is on a Windoww PC.

Thanks. I appreciate the help.

That’s so brilliantly discoverable and obvious, I can’t believe I missed it! /s

Why would I want to export to Excel? Does any other software read playlists in Excel format?
What’s wrong with m3u?

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This actually only exports the files. No m3u unless you use the right-hand dot menu.

Notes here.