Playlists from certain directories are not visible in Roon

Roon version 1.8 (build 764) stable

Network is fully wired with UPT Cat6

I run Roon from a Qnap NAS, which also contains the audio files on a separate disk.
In folders from A to Z. Now there is a playlist file in each folder named “Selection starts with A.m3u” for folder A and so for folder B “Music Selection starts with B.m3u” and for C “Music Selection starts with C.m3u ”etc.
But the playlist from the folders E, K, N, and U will not be displayed in Roon.

Even if I put other playlists from m3u in these folders, they are not displayed.

(zie schermafdruk.)

I solved it myself. By moving a few files out of the folders each time and checking each time if the playlist becomes visible in Roon. Have I found out that it is some files apparently corrupt. Or have something that makes the playlist not visible in Roon if they are in the folder.

They are the following files. Looked at the tags but couldn’t find anything strange about it. no prohibited signs. ???

“Extince - 04.30.flac”
“Kalacakra - Raga No11.flac”
“Nostalgia 77 - The Gates Parts 1 and 2.flac”
“U.K. - Rendezvous 6.02.flac”

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In dit forum is Engels de voertaal. Ik ben bang dat u met een Nederlandstalig bericht niet de respons krijgt die het verdient.
Een handig vertaalhulpmiddel kan Google Translate zijn.

English is the main language in this forum. I am afraid a Dutch message will not get the response it deserves…

Google Translate is ready to serve you :+1:

Thank you, I translated it

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Hey @P.C.J.I_Grimbergen,

Thanks for posting on community (and also in English) about the issue you’ve ran into. It’s so great to see that while waiting on us to get back to you, you’ve already found the culprit and a solution. Thank you for sharing.

I’m only sorry we weren’t around to help you right when you ran into this issue. We’re working on our response times :pleading_face: