Playlists going to Roon Nucleus along with FLAC files

I put over 1,500 songs on about 80 playlists for my music files that are at a network location. I copied all the music files from that network location to my Roon Nucleus internal storage, but don’t want to have to re-create all those playlists (the playlists took two full days to make!).

How can I leverage the playlists I made for files at one network location when I have those exact files on the Internal storage of the Roon?

I’m sure @support will be with you as soon as this hits their queue.
Thank you for your patience and understanding

Hi @Andrew_Carr,

Were the playlists created in Roon when your music files were on the network server?
Here’s the process for relocating your local music files. Give these steps a try and let us know if you have problems. Thanks!

I thought I had replied – but I guess not… The generic strategy does not seem to apply to me since I am moving audio files and (hopefully) playlists from an NAS to the Nucleus itself. The instructions call for me to turn off Roon to do the file transfer – but how can I turn off the nucleus and still transfer files to it?

The PC (aka nucleus) is running RoonOS, the suggestion is just to turn off the Roon Server Software running on the Nucleus. You can do this by going to the WebUI, going to the section that says Server and using the blue dropdown and selecting Stop.

See Below:


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No dice. I turned off the server software as you recommended. I deleted all the files from the nucleus internal storage. Then I copied every music file – everything in the music directory of the NAS that had all the music files in it when I created all those playlists - to the Nucleus internal storage.

I turned the Roon server back on and I see all the playlists, but, just like before, every one of them says “unavailable”. Clearly the playlists are still looking for the old NAS location instead of now looking at the internal storage.

Is there any hope of me using the playlists I created for the music files that are now on the Internal Storage of the Roon Nucleus?

You have an old storage location that was on the network, and now you want the files on the internal storage.

  1. In Roon, disable the Internal Storage
  2. Disable the old storage location
  3. Stop RoonServer
  4. Copy Music
  5. Start RoonServer
  6. Delete the old storage location
  7. Enable the internal storage location

I did almost everything in that order. It takes 18 HOURS to copy over my files. Are you SURE if I follow exactly those steps in exactly that order that my playlists that used to pull music from the NAS will instead pull those exact songs from the internal storage?

Disclaimeer not official support just a fellow user.

Well, did your tags, play counts and other edits move over with the files? If so, then maybe you can let support investigate more before trying a copy again. Especially, if it takes so long, as I can understand not wanting to do that again.

Keep in mind you need to use an external drive with the Nucleus, or a network location to make backups as you cannot backup Roon to the Nucleus internal drive.

I don’t have any tags, but at least some play counts came through. Other edits to albums (whether to use the source file or Roon database for artist name, for instance, did not come through.

so what do you recommend?

That’s tough given how long the copy over the network is.

Can you export the playlists you made? You might be able to edit the exported playlists to the new location and then re import them as new.

I can export them however Roon let’s me. it gives me Excel, for example, but that does not come over with any path I could edit (even if I knew how to re-import them). When I exported the M3U option It sent the actual music files to the export location too. That is obviously no good for me.

Any other ideas? I can CAN do the 18 hours again…

I’m going to test exporting playlist to excel, them to text file and then to m3u. Editing location and then re importing.

If you do try again, you need to make sure Roon never sees two locations. What is happening is that it is treating the copied music as new and not moved.

You could redo the playlists. Not a great option, but, In the long run, it would be quicker than all these re imports at 18 hours a pop.

Thanks very much. I went back and started over doing everything as you noted. Th file transfer will be 18 hours. it is still worth another attempt because manually recreating the playlists would be me at the keyboard for about 18 hours!

If this rigorous approach does not solve it, hopefully your test will work, or I will just have to re-key all the 1,600 songs i the playlists

I was able to export a playlist from one Roon Core to excel, convert to text, modify it and save as a m3u which I was then able to import into the second core with a different directory structure.

If you need to I can tell you how I did it.

Impressive! I will know by tomorrow afternoon if my current approach worked… I pretty technical, but my experience with Roon users has taught me that I am really just a neophyte.

Thanks for your help – hopefully I will not be bothering you tomorrow.

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Followed the steps exactly, but when you look at the songs in each playlist, they show as “unavailable” in red type. Curiously, if I go to the blue button and play a playlist it plays varying numbers of cuts – between 1 & 5 cuts out of 20. All the others are not play – just ignored.

So please do tell me the details on how to export playlists to excel, convert and re-import.

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