Playlists have appeared from nowhere and I cannot delete them

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Oddly some albums have appeared in my lists of Playlists as playlists. I cannot delete them - there is only an ‘export’ option but no delete option. They all have a two-head symbol next to them as if they belong to someone else. How do I delete them?

I’m able to delete playlists by left-clicking on the playlist, it should now be highlighted. Once it’s highlighted there should be a delete button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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That works for playlists I have created. These are albums that have randomly populated as playlists. I have no idea why these albums have suddenly appeared as playlists, but I cannot now delete them. Any ideas?

Ok I get it. You are right, I right click each playlist then delete come up. Sorry for being dumb. Thanks for your help.

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No problem, glad you are able to get rid of them. You’re not dumb btw, I ask for help all the time, it’s the only way to gain knowledge you don’t have :wink:

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