Playlists Lost after new server download

Not sure what happened. I changed out my Mac mini for a newer one, downloaded Roon server and configured the system. Everything works fine except for my Playlists. All my saved albums are still there. I had three playlists that took quite a bit of time to create. Two of them are now gone and what is even more strange is I can open and play the one list I have left, but no longer have the option to add new tracks to it. Not sure why Roon has a playlist function if it’s this buggy.

Did you backup /restore your roon database?

If ‘configured the system’ didn’t involve a Restore of Roon’s database why would the OP expect his playlists to still exist on a new machine?

I have to believe he isn’t that ignorant. :slightly_smiling_face:

I forgot to restore the database. Just did that, and everything is good. By the way, thanks for the ignorant comment.

I have to believe you’re not that much of a jerk. :wink:

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So glad it worked.

Just installing roon afresh and logging into a streaming service does such a good job of getting everything back to normal that it’s not that obvious!

Ask me how I know :slight_smile:

Ah, so it was just a dumb user error. Glad you got it sorted. :wink: