Playlists (m3u) made with iPeng not showing up in Roon

Here is my watched folder

Here are the playlists in it.

None of these are shopping up in Roon. It’s not do or die but they do all show up in asset for my Naim streamer.

Any ideas that can get these accessible in Roon.


Not a big issue but I would like to know whether I must start from scratch with my playlists or whether I can get Roon to see them, thanks.


@mike feeling lonely, isolated and depressed.


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Your posts are always awesome and your ear is pretty darn good. I wish I could help you on this but I don’t do playlists that much.

Put on that new Sturgill Simpson album “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth”. It’s worked for me this week.

Your pal,



I wonder if the Roon guys are in Munich, drinking beer and attending the High End show?

I’m here for you, John! :wink:

Ok, so all the songs in the playlist are in the same watched folder as the m3u itself?

Can you upload the m3u files somewhere like Dropbox and PM me a link to it? I can take a look, and we are investigating another similar report right now, so perhaps we have a bug here.

If you don’t have Dropbox, let me know and I’ll send you steps for uploading it directly to our server. Thanks @Sloop_John_B!

PM sent,

Great to know you care! :panda_face: