Playlists missing after a few days after upgrade to build 147

First, I still need to recognize the convenience and the function provided by roon. I enjoy it a lot for music playback. Here is my situation.

I first used roon under win10 partition and I’ve built some playlists and imported some radio stations. Then, I switch to Windows Server 2012 partition because of the release of AO 2.0. So I moved the database built under win10 to WS2012. After the successful transfer, I can see the internet stations and playlists show up in the roon under WS2012. I used roon build147 a few days with the playlists I’ve built and I also added some tracks onto some of the playlists. But today, when I turn on roon, the playlists are all missing while the internet stations are still kept. any idea how I can restore the playlist back?

And will there be a more convenient way of backing up database? JRiver can backup the whole database with a zip file. And the zip file can be restored to another partition with the tags built previously. Would roon have similar feature in a short feature?



We are actively working on an automatic backup feature that will allow you to schedule the creation of incremental backups. Final details are still being worked out, but most likely you’ll be able to configure something like back up every week to Dropbox, keeping a maximum of 10 backups so you can easily roll back to an earlier version if you have an issue.

For now, I’m not aware of any reason why playlists should be missing. Has anything else changed in your setup? Are the internet stations still there?

@Eric is going to follow up and grab some logs from you so we can look into this. Do you still have the earlier copy of your database, from when you had previously done the migration here:

Sorry for the trouble here @john925 – we’ll figure this out.

@john925 ---- Will be contacting you via PM momentarily to grab logs from you. Thanks!


to Eric,

Thanks. Since I only have 3 to 4 playlists containing about 30 tracks, it would not be hard for me to rebuild the playlist again.

to Mike,

Yes, the internet stations built under win10 are still there under my current WS2012.