Playlists mostly gone; counts mostly gone; History smaller

Last night I updated to version 1.6 and enjoyed my system as usual. Tonight the large majority (but not all) my playlists are gone; play counts are vastly lower; and the history is smaller. Where did it all go, and how do I get it back? @support.

I run on a macbook pro using IOS 10.12.6; Macintosh 6700. I have not seen this in my 3+ years using Roon. Please help.

Hello @Jeffrey_Feuer,

What kinds of playlists are missing? Local or TIDAL/Qobuz?
Has any of your storage locations changed?
Can you post a screenshot?


The issue cured itself…Roon rescanned my music library (on its own). Once this was completed, everything returned.

Glad to hear that @Jeffrey_Feuer1! Thanks for contacting support and have a great day!

– Noris

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