Playlists - moving to another instance of Roon

Hi Rooners,

Is there a way to copy playlists from one Roon core to another Roon core on a separate network? Just the playlists - nothing else.

I hunted through the Roon metadata but couldn’t find the playlists - thinking I could just copy them?


I have 2 cores, one in the office and one at home.

I would love to be able to transfer playlists from home to office. I mainly update playlist at home and the offfce system is purely a listen/slave environment.

I can’t see any obvious way to do this, is there one or even a more oblique way to accomplish this?


Just restore the backup from your home system to the office and you’ll get the playlists. It’s a work-around till a proper playlist system is implemented.

That’s what I’m did initially but the restore takes some time with evolving playlists.

I was hoping for a cut and paste from some file or even better an export facility for playlists rather than a full restore of all data.



The trickiest part is that file paths could differ between the two locations, and also that we don’t offer a way to export just the M3U (meaning pointing back to the original file locations). We don’t offer that because there are lots of cases where that M3U is not going to work, like a remote that doesn’t have access to the Core’s storage.

One way to do this would be to export the playlist (media + M3U) and just drop it in the 2nd location, but obviously you’re going to end up with duplicate files this way, if anything in the playlist is already at the 2nd location.

What you really want here is “On The Go” (meaning playlists sync to your phone or laptop remote) or multi-location sync, both of which are on the roadmap but which I don’t have a firm timeline for right now.

Thanks Mike,

good to know I’m not missing something simple and that we’ll get there in the future.