Playlists not showing correctly and Profile name missing in title

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS918+ running DSM 6.2.4-25556

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Standard ethernet setup - this is not a network problem

Connected Audio Devices

Using Roon player on iMac running macOS Catalina. Connected via ethernet to the Roon Core.

Number of Tracks in Library

8,250 tracks

Description of Issue

Something is incorrect with my Playlists - the Playlists menu is titled “'s Playlists” instead of “Sean’s Playlists” and a playlist only show’s up in the list if its Owner is set to “Shared (visible to all profiles)”. If I set the Owner to “Sean” the the Playlist won’t appear. There is only one profile setup - “Sean”.

It may be attributed to a generic profile? Anyhow, you can edit that back to Sean. ON the playlist page, click the 3 dot menu, choose Edit, under owner which is a drop down, open up the drop down, choose Sean and then Save.

Thanks Daniel - I’ve tried that with the owner of specific Playlists - specifically

  • Menu → My Stuff → Playlists
  • Pick a Playlist and click on the associated 3 dot icon on right right hand side
  • Click on Edit
  • Under OWNER - change from “Shared (visible to all profiles)” to “Sean”
  • As soon as I click save, the Playlist disappears from the list of Playlists visible here
  • Note the playlist is still available when I head to a track and select “Add to playlist”

I think I have a way to rescue the playlist and flip the owner back from Sean to Shared so I can see it in the Playlists menu, but I’ve forgotten the details. Will plug away at the UI until I find it again.

Any clues in the above as to what’s wrong? I think the core of the issue is that somehow the “Playlists” menu has forgotten that the only Profile setup is “Sean” and hence the weird title “'s Playlists”

Thanks for your help,


Had you ever removed a profile prior?

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