Playlists offline

iPhone 6s. The instructions say that to download a playlist to your remote device there will be a Schlatter switch underneath the playlist or album or artist or track you are playing. For the life of me I can’t see it anywhere. Anyone know where that is?

Ehrmmm?! Where exactly in which instructions does it say there is a what-kind-of-switch?

With Roon, it is currently not possible to sync/download playlists to local devices. This will probably be possible in the near or not-so-near future, but AFAIK it is not yet available in Roon.

I think you’re talking about the Tidal app.

When displaying an album (or playlist, etc), you will see a download switch which will allow you to listen to it offline.

Cheers, Greg

Schlatter switch is a section of welded rail track that holds down a playlist for offline use. It’s fair to say that the Wife Approval Factor is quite low, but the SQ benefits are plainly audible, particularly if the track is welded and deburred in situ; creating an overwhelming sense of relief when finished.