Playlists - Old and New

I have a number of “pre-Roon” .m3u playlists that will play in Roon. However, I cannot add songs to those old lists using Roon. Is there a way to do that, or must I create all new “Roon playlists”?

Hi Ronald,

If you bring up the Playlist and click the pencil next to Play, does it say you’re able to Save a Local Copy? If so, Save it and you should be able to add to it.

More info here.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you, Greg. If you open the “edit” link there is a way to save a local copy. Now two copies show up in Roon. Can I delete the “old” playlist or move it someplace that isn’t seen by Roon? Where is the saved local playlist kept, and in what format?

I believe it’s ok to delete the old one, but hold on first, let’s get confirmation about this from @eric or @vova.

Cheers, Greg

Hey @Ronald_Lyster — Confirming @Greg’s thought. You can delete the old playlist.


Great! I’ll do that. (Actually, I’ll just move it someplace “just in case.”)