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Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro with the latest Operating system

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi Router with Roon core connected via. ethernet directly most of the time, sometimes core is connected via. WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

MBP, iPhone, iPad USB, WiFi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I have multiple playlists of course but one set is under My Playlist and another set of playlists most all are the same are under Carl’s Playlist… Sorry but I do not know the two different ones were created, if I can merge them into one,… I would delete one but I really do not want to delete some of the tracks as they are not exact duplicates. I use roon on my MBP core, remote from iPhone normally, and sometimes from an iPad. I could not find the answer by looking at the support knowledge base. Thanks for any help… Carl

Hey @Carl_Cullison,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. Sorry it took us this long to get back to you :pleading_face:

I was wondering if the Shared Playlists toggle is turned on on your account?

Yes I have Shared Playlists toggle is on
When I toggle off I do not see the Qobuz playlist that I created, I did not know about this until now playing around.

“My Playlist” is all I see when using Qobuz only without Roon for remote non network (when I can not use Roon) Sidebar - someday maybe Roon will be able to be used remotely?

I probably created “Carl’s Playlist” in the past just messing around and I ended up with two playlist in Roon. Since I can see all of the Qobuz playlists, it is up to me if I want to eliminate one set by doing manual compare, etc. Too much work, I will probably not bother but focus on just using one in Roon.

Is there any other way I can get to one without this manual process.

Thank you for your reply. Carl

Hey @Carl_Cullison,

Thanks so much for getting back to me :relieved:

If I understand correctly what you’d like to achieve — merge a Qobuz playlist with a local Roon playlist — I believe there is a way to do this, indirectly.

First, since Qobuz playlists cannot be edited in Roon, a local copy is needed. Click on the ellipsis next to the playlist and click on +Save a Local Copy:

Now you should have two playlists in Roon (Carl’s Playlist and a local copy of the Qobuz one). It is time to merge them. You’d do this by selecting all the tracks in the first playlist, and then in the second playlist, and adding them to a third playlist created for this purpose. This means:
Step 1: Create a new playlist (I will call this the Master playlist, so we can easily refer to it)
Step 2: Navigate to Carl’s Playlist, select all tracks (you can use Ctrl+A or Cmd+A to do so), click on the ellipsis and add them to the Master playlist:

Step 3: Navigate to the local Qobuz library copy and do the same.

Now it’s time to address any potential duplicates. Open the Master playlist and toggle on the Only Show Duplicates. You can find this setting when you click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen. This will show you the duplicated tracks, so you can remove them :nerd_face:

(in my case there were no duplicates in the playlist)

I hope this was what you were looking for. Otherwise, would you please let me know?

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Excellent description… thank you so much.

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