Playlists scrollbar position

I’m at a playlist view, click on some playlist and then go back - I would like vertical scrollbar in the playlist view to retain the position it had before clicking on the playlist.

I would consider this to be a bug rather that feature request, but I know how it goes…

Thank you. It worked.

Now I would be completely satisfied if in Roon players, you add a scrollbar in each of my playlists in my stuff… (request filed but no answer…). Thank you

Hi @Diego_Sanchez,

Absolutely. There’s an existing feature request for this scrollbar, unless I’m mistaken, so I will migrate your post into that topic thread shortly. Be sure to upvote the request - the team takes the #feedback:feature-suggestions section quite seriously and parses it often.

@connor I am sorry I am quite disapointed. I understand that voting for requests that take a long time to code is important, so that the Roon team can prioritize. I understand that there are a lot a requests. I understand that there is a limitation of votes for everyone. So what is the point of all that ? Are you sure that this way is the best way ? Why limit our votes?

I feel that I will never see this feature in Roon, because there are too many other requests, each of them will take time, very long time to code and test and implement.

This scrollbar request take two hours to code for a junior staff. I am sorry I am repeating myself.

Meanwhile, each time I have to scroll through with my finger more than 100 tracks in a playlist to find what I want to listen, I get upset and I feel like I should have studied serious computer coding and apply for a position in your company, just to have this feature added.

I don’t know how to be patient for a two hour coding request that will never get attention by enough people, who by the way cannot vote anymore because their vote are limited…

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The official attitude is not to care about suggestions from others, so their voting system is actually quite perfect.

Thank you, but I don’t understand “not to care about suggestions from others”