Playlists view refreshes - pain in the ass

It is known that roon devs don‘t care much about playlists because they hardly or even don‘t use them at all. But as all music services offer them i think there should be at least a minimum effort to make them enjoyable.

There have been many feature requests and none of them have been answered positively. Instead devs prefer to make roon usable with even the most exotic piece of hardware outside. So we still have a extremely poor level of playlist editing ( for example if albums vanish from Tidal or Qobuz and you have to delete the songs piece by piece ), no interaction between Roon and Tidal/Qobuz playlists, and none of the other features that users ask for.

But what really makes using playlists a pain in the ass is the fact that if you enter a playlist to chose one or more songs and leave this playlist afterwards the view is being refreshed to the top of the lists. If you like to use playlists for managing your albums/songs and therefore have tens or even hundreds of playlists you are losing fun when using them with roon because you are forced to scroll over and over again. This might be due to iOS but as Tidal and Qobuz apps are able to avoid it it should be no big thing developmentwise.

A little bit more development regarding usability of playlists would be my favorite issue when it comes to roon.

I think there was a feature request or two buried in the general commentary so moved it to that category.