Playlists vs Tags

What’s the difference between these two?
So You can put Your favorite music in playlists (example: Piano Music) or You can give the album a tag (example: Piano Music). And then You can select the music to play when you want.

When do you choose the one or the other best ? Are there specific advantages ?

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While they have cross over the playlist allows you to create a specific running order or tracks that you want to listen too. While the tag usually gets you to album’s or music that you can then use to create a playlist or add to queue.
I often browse by tag (non genre Based for where I purchased them to quickly get to my Bandcamp or HDTracks purchases).
Tags are very flexible like that


In addition to what @Michael_Harris said:

I tag every track I hear that I like in categories. I have about 80 in several “main” tags: decades, occasions, genres, moods and tempo.

If there is a special occasion (dinner, party) I create a playlist and browse the tags to find tracks that fits the playlist for the occasion and set them in a specific order.

And if I don’t have the time to create a playlist I just play the tracks with tags OCCASION:Friends for instance.


Paul that sounds excellent.
I’m a Jonny come lately in the tagging world, and expanding my use of tag’s over the last couple of months to include some of what you have said there and expand on release date only as a filter.

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The other comparison is Tags v Bookmarks

A tag is Static , any additional to a Tag you have to consciously make .

A Bookmark is Dynamic , eg , set up a Tag for Composer = Beethoven , then go to it after a while. Any new addition that match the “rule” in this case Composer = Beethoven will be there whereas in a Tag only what you put there will there.

Tags are ideal for say Classical Box Sets where the content is fixed

Clear as mud ? :joy:

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That was my standard way to filter (before tagsl and I still have a lot of bookmarks, but it’s the right thing for finding the right filter.
So more is better in my mind, there is cross over between these methods but they are all valid. The one thing I rarely use is playlists, besides Roon’s recommended playlists I only have 5 or 6 :see_no_evil:

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never too late too start Michael!

I can recommend it. Once you have a bunch of it you’ll experience the benefit.

And I have some bookmarks with the first part of the tag, like “DECADES” or “MOODS” to quickly access the group of tags.

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I have been seeing the benefits already, and alongside focus and bookmarks it’s almost perfect.
It’s just the effort of building and saving them in a library of 50k plus tracks. But that is also where the benefits are when you have taken the effort to build the information


Just remember to back up the database manually often. There have been a few that have lost their work due to not having a secondary backup available or string of backups to go back to when the "corruption gets into the backups… :slight_smile:


Tag is a methodology for grouping items. Why you want to group them is up to you. The items can be the same, but, they do not have to be. For example, you can TAG, tracks, albums, playlists, artists, genres, compositions, composers, AND other Tags.


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