Playlists - what format and where?

I am trying to make a few playlists, perhaps through an external app like JRiver.

What is the format used by Roon? Or what is the format I have to choose with an external app like JRiver?

If I make a playlist with an external app, can I save it anywhere in Roon watched Music folder and it’s going to appear in My Playlist list? I made a .m3u playlist but it’s not recognized.

If I make a playlist with Roon, where does Roon save it? I made a playlist with Roon. I wanted to check it and see the format, but I do not know where it is saved.


Is it possible to get an answer to my question?

Hi Gianluca,

I don’t know the answer to your question although I understand iTunes playlists can be imported into Roon. Let’s drop a flag for @mike and see if he can tell us more.

Hey @bibo01 – some more information about playlists has been posted here.

Right now, there’s no way to export playlists out of Roon, but we will import any M3U playlists in your watched folders. Just note that the M3U file needs to be in the same folder as all the songs contained in the playlist.

Thanks Mike.

What if songs in the playlist belong to different albums, can M3U file be placed simply in the watched folder where those albums reside?

My playlists (generated with MediaMonkey) are in a top level directory “playlists” on my Roon “watched folder”. They have relative paths to the files:

#EXTINF:409, Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Tony Williams - Blues in the Closet
…\Other\2010-Q1\Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Tony Williams - The Trio\11 - Blues in the Closet.flac
#EXTINF:298, Etienne M’Bappe - Dangwa
…\Other\2010-Q2\Etienne MBappe - Su La Take (2008)\Etienne M’Bappe 01 Dangwa World Su La Take.mp3

Roon loads them just fine.

The above doesn’t work for me.
I also use Mediamonkey but i have to add \ in front
NOT …\Other\2010-Q1\Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Tony Williams - The Trio\11 - Blues in the Closet.flac
BUT \ …\Other\2010-Q1\Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Tony Williams - The Trio\11 - Blues in the Closet.flac

That’s a problem because i don’t know how to add this automaticly.

Hi Stijn,

Don’t know how much of a computer geek you are, but allow me to expand a little on relative paths (i.e. the ones that use . and …). Dot Dot (…) means go one directory level upward. Since my playlists directory is on the same (root) level as the “Other” directory, “…\Other\etc” is a correct path to the flac/mp3 files. I just tested, an absolute path (e.g. \mynas\mymusicshare\Other\etc) also works fine in the .m3u files. On your Windows PC, you can edit an m3u files in notepad or any other text editor.

What you found to work \ …\Other\2010-Q1\etc doesn’t make much sense to me.

Good luck,