Playlists will not play songs

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ROCK Version 1.0 (build 186) stable. Roon server software Version 1.7 (build 521) stable

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USB ARC Refdac

Description Of Issue

Roon can’t play songs in playlists after copying songs from external USB drive onto internal SSD drive. SSD was not there during install and USB drive is now removed. Everything is scanned and shows up in library with no problem playing them, but the playlists can’t play them. I assume the problem is that the file path now has changed. Songs from Tidal still works.

Also tried reinstalling Rock on Nuc, importing database, but nothing helps.

Shouldn’t Roon be intelligent enough to play the songs even though they are on another drive? Maybe I am missing something?

Hello @DrClaus. Are these playlists based on M3U files? If so, this post from a similar thread may help.

No they are created within Roon.

Did you migrate the music as per the methodology listed in the FAQ?

Hi @DrClaus,

As @Rugby mentioned, you’ll want to use this guide when moving your library from one location to another. The best option is to restore a backup of Roon from before the you moved to the new storage location and follow the instructions linked above.


Thank you for your replies.

I missed this guide unfortunately.
I didn’t get it to work so I started fresh.
It seems odd though that Roon can play all files except from playlists.
You would think it’s smart enough to connect songs and albums to playlists even though the files are moved.


Now that’s a case of projection if I ever heard one.

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Hi @DrClaus,

What I suspect occurred here is that Roon saw two copies of the files at the same time, which can cause some problematic behavior.

If Roon sees two files at the same time, it will essentially import the duplicate as a “new” file and not associate it with any previous edits/playlists.

I suggest looking over the guide that @Rugby and @Dylan linked and restore a backup, disable your old watched storage locations and add the new storage location only after disabling the original location.

I’m not really sure since I’m a newbie with Roon.
However I did find something else:

When you favourite an album in Tidal and then make a playlist from that album in Roon, and then uncheck the album as favourite, it no longer plays in the Roon playlist. It just says “Unavailable” with red text.
If you click the album link in the playlist it says “This album was not found.” even though it’s still there in Tidal.
If you search the album instead you will find it and be able to play it.

Hi @DrClaus,

This is expected behavior. If you add an album which you have saved locally to a Roon playlist, the playlist then references the local album version you have added (not the direct TIDAL version).

If you remove the local album version from your library, the playlist would be referencing a removed album and show it as unavailable.

You can add the TIDAL direct version to a playlist if you navigate to it first by using the search function.

Have you been able to resolve the initial issue regarding the USB to internal SSD migration by doing a restore and re-importing the content?

No, I gave up and started making new playlists based on the internal ssd instead.
I will be more carefull in future and make backups.

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