Plays 1 and a half songs and stops [Solved]

When I initially installed Roon I had a few teething problems but eventually had everything working fine. Last week whilst playing an album it stopped midway through the second song and it has done this continuously ever since.
I have tried different routers, switches, rescans but nothing works. it is driving me crazy. Any advice would be welcome.
Roon on a headless Intel NUC
Music on a Synology DS213 NAS
Played on a Devialet D200 via AIR (Ethernet)
All 3 units hard wired via a gig switch.
Controlled by IPad

machine going to sleep after 5 mins?

No, nothing that obvious. It sounds strange but it seems to revolve around a 3cd compilation album I downloaded. I have now removed it and everything is playing fine. Perhaps it was something to do with metadata? Although I can’t see why one album would affect the playback of everything else. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me could provide some enlightenment.

@peter_embleton ----- Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the problem you had experienced. Definitely strange, for sure. I would like to ask you a few questions concerning the files that seem to have given you this issue. Please see below. Thanks!

  1. What file formats were downloaded for the 3cd compilation you had mentioned that caused the issue?

  2. Were you able to achieve stable playback (no drop outs, skipping, static, etc) with the files in question?

  3. Where is your content being stored?


Hello Eric, thanks for your response. The files were Flac 16bit, and no, the album would not play continuously, it would jump from CD1 to CD2 and whenever there was a glitch with another album I would find that Roon had jumped back to the same track on the compilation album every time.
This is what made me realise that it was the culprit and so I just deleted it and everything plays fine again. All files are on a Synology NAS
I have since been reading about the way to number these compilation albums and I feel that I obviously got it wrong somewhere although I did try a few different ways and I made sure the tags were all correct. It wasn’t a particularly great album so nothing lost, I will try and make sure everything is right with the next multi disc rip.

@peter_embleton ----- Thank you for following up with me and and glad things are stable now. Happy listening!