PlayStation 5 just integrated Apple Music

Last year in October we could read this (is Apple late on PS5?):,3363182.html

I find this quite humours they team up with the the gaming division and not the one that makes audio gear. Makes you think about what their priorities are and how little they care for the music enthusiast. 10 million ps5 out there so it’s not something to sniff at and that’s a market that will grow considerably more over the years.

If this app is anything like the Apple TV app is on non Apple hardware I would avoid like the plague. Apple really can’t write for other OS going by my experience with Apple TV on my Sony and Samsung TV. Horrible buggy experience. As soon as Foundation is done so am I with it until/if it gets another season.

And here it is reported that it took a long time. Five months ago was promised. Since June first music tracks in HD, New promise: By the end of 2021, the catalog is converted.

Support for 3D Audio and Dolby Atmos are reserved for the large Homepod speaker. There is no 3D audio or Dolby Atmos support for the Homepod Mini.

Besides Apple Music, the smart speakers only support Deezer. Thus, the Apple speakers remain the devices with the fewest compatible music streaming services in the field of smart speakers. In the fall of 2020, it was announced that Amazon Music would run on the Homepod. This is probably a race without winners, no one keeps their promises, not even Spotify. And is it Hi-Res? Lossless in some device situations, maybe.

The fact that it is not automatically preset is seen as an indication that this customer request is not automatically anticipated.

Funnily enough I prefer Apple Music on android.

Haven’t tried the Apple TV app though.

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I trialed the music app twice, it worked ok compared to the TV app. But found it to be nothing special and of course it was pretty useless to play to most of my zones. Chromecast really doesnt sound great when compared to RAAT or UPnP on my main system.

It definitely isn’t competing with Roon in terms of casting etc.

I was more talking about the app vs the ios app. You can swipe to queue, the animated albums actually load, it’s faster and doesn’t suffer from a lot of bugs (audio popping and can’t stream error).

Can’t really comment on the playback don’t have any iOS myself and I really never used it more than twice. It seemed to work ok though and don’t remember any issues.

Don’t disagree with anything else, but Apple TV works great on my Shield TV (2020).
Very reliable and great picture and sound quality through the AV receiver.
Ted Laso makes me laugh more than anything I have seen in years and worth the price of admission alone.

Foundation visually stunning but meh at the moment and hoping a lot more humans die in invasion , before we fight back :see_no_evil:

Ted Lasso is good. Funny on my Sony TV HDR gets garbled and blocky whicg never happens on anything else, many reports of Android TV issues all relating to HDR mainly. The next up plays the same ep you just watched but 10 mins before the end, it never moves to the next one. Does that on Sammy as well but at least the picture is fine on this. I did side load the App on to the Sony as they seem to only support the top end Sony TVs.

Oh that’s bizarre. I had a Sony Android TV before my LG and Sony put some stupidly underpowered chip in it. I then bought my first Shield. Upgraded it earlier this year for the Dolby Vision and Atmos and 4k upscaling and very happy with it
I have to say the LG native Apple TV app is also fine as well.
Apple does slowly seem to be getting better at playing in the wider world when their business depends on it.
Apple music and Apple TV are not going to thrive in a world that is 88% Android. Especially when more than 50% of my iphone owning friends use Spotify.

Still if they come to play properly then I will give them a look and maybe some money, though I do not like Apple music or Spotify

Indeed. I have a couple of Android Music Players and Apple Music is outstanding on them.

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The Apple TV app works just fine on our old Roku 3’s. Be sure to check out ‘For All Man Kind’ if you’re into alt-history type sci-fi. Quite good.

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