Please add 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles

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+1 on KLOS LA

Done. Please check.

Working great! Thank you!

Is it really? at 48kbps AAC. My goodness that is a low bitrate. Sounds terrible to me.

Thank goodness I’m only using it for the morning show.

I’m afraid there doesn’t seem to be anything better (the main site uses Triton to play and I can’t access that to check). I did look at Tunein (which we wouldn’t use on the main radio feed - though you could add it as a My Radio station) - but its quality was no better (22.05khz and 80kbps mp3) and it was US only too.


It’s background music.

Yeah, sorry guys, I didn’t mean to make this a compliant…but geez that’s low. I tolerate Planet Pootwaddle at 128k because of the programming.

I’m sure the morning show is fine.

Carry on

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