Please add all France Bleue Radios

Could you please add the following French local radios :

Yes we can - but it will take a while! And thank you for providing the streams.

@Le_Fur_Arnaud , I will take care in the next days, thanks!
Bien cordialement

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In progress… more will be done by Monday

More or less half way… Thanks for your patience!

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Hi RĂ©mi,
Do you want any help with this?


Oops forgot this with all the C19 crisis management at work…
Will get back to this this week-end, I have done already all the logo search work.

That work is more important…

Take care

Still unfinished…

Oopps forgot this… Will resume, what’s the one you miss the most?

France Bleu Loire Ocean.

Arnaud, I’ve added Loire Ocean (the others will do later)

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