Please add CARLOWFM and KCLR 96FM


KCLR 96 Kilkenny/Carlow and


You can manually add it.

Yes, but requests on this thread are for the non-private radio stations.

I’ll try and find time this evening…

Hi Louis, I can’t find a working stream for Carlow FM. Do you know of one?
And… does it have advertising?

Thanks, did the one i provide not work? I’ll double check. Am I requesting these in the wrong place? I know I can add these manually I thought part of the intent is to build a library? Thanks again,

Unfortunately not. We need a straight stream.
(Edit. Did you try adding manually, and did it work for you?)

KCLR 96 already exists, as just KCLR. (I can’t decide if official name is KCLR or KCLR 96. Which is it? They seem to use both)

And this is the right place, no worries.

Thanks Brian, I didn’t try to add them and somehow missed kclr, thanks,

Ok. If you ever find a working Carlow stream, let me know.
It might be worth getting in touch with them.

I’ve found a stream, although it’s only a low quality one.

Please check if OK.

Will do thanks,

I see kclr but thats it, did you add carlowfm?

Kclr is fine btw.

Yes, but it was in as Carlow fm. With a space in the middle.
I’ve changed it to Carlowfm. Sorry about that

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