Please add CKUA from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Please add CKUA from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

@Radio Curators (Canada): I’ve build the body in the Radio tool but cannot find a streaming URL to add. Please assist!

Found the URL! Station should now be visible!

Thanks very much!!

HELLO- what is the URL for CKUA please? Also do you know theURL for CBC Radio and CJSW? Thanks bobbmd

CKUA and CBC Radio are in Roon, so why want to know the URL. You can see them for yourself. CJSW is not yet in the directory as far as I can see

SORRY didn’t realize that also didn’t realize how much RADIO changed in ver 1.7 and how much easier it is add stations without searching for urls— all i have to do now is type in the call letters even Radio Paradise is available BUT… would love to follow my alma mater’s D1 ice hockey team st lawrence university in canton ny any ideas

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