Please add CoffeeHouseRadio

Hi Brian, Could you please add Coffee House Radio too? I have been trying but did not manage. Thanks a lot Zoltán

Music from Singers and Songwriters.

Done, please check

Thanks Brian! It works well!

Hi Brian! I am back again. It seems that you added a direct stream link to a different radio:
Could you please double check. Thanks

Well, that was fun…

The web site doesnt work on one browser , Tunein doesn’t have it anymore, SiriusXm want a subscription…

But, I’ve got it. Please check

That’s it! :slight_smile: Thanks for your support.
I can see it in Tune in.

There’s more than one.

Which confused me. There’s also the one in WA, which is where I went wrong the first time.

Anyway, pleased it’s OK now.

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Like the look of this - how do I search for radio stations in Roon? Any combination of Coffee House Radio doesn’t hit for me.

It doesn’t have a space in there - it’s Coffehouse, one word, which is how their web site is set up.

Having said that, I can see the confusion, so I’ve judiciously changed some info so that your search with a space will now work.

Thanks Brian - found!

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