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Could you please add the Concertgebouworkest’s classical webradio stream? It originates from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, website: Information on what is being played is sent along. No ads! Station description would be: 24/7 Live recordings by the Concertgebouworkest.

I work at the Concertgebouworkest and have added a new higher quality stream specially for Roon:
MP3 - 320 kbps

And these are our regular streams:
MP3 - 192 kbps
AAC - 320 kbps
aacPlus - 128 kbps
aacPlus - 64 kbps

Many thanks in advance!



And a BIG thank you for providing the necessary information. It makes our life much easier.

If the station looks OK to you can you mark thread as solved please? (In the three dots menu next to Reply on your initial post)

… perfect, many thanks! The only thing that doesn’t work is the url to our website. Would that be because of the missing https://?

And there’s something I am not sure if it could be fixed. A few months ago we changed our name from Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (and RCO) to Concertgebouworkest. Would it be possible to make aliases so that if users search for the old names still would find us?

With many thanks and kindest greetings from Amsterdam!


Yes. Adding the https fixed things. Thanks for checking.

Regarding aliases, I don’t know, but will ask.

With many thanks to a Roon wizard (@dylan), I’ve added two keywords, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and RCO.

Searching for these will show up your station too.

PS it makes my life easier too - I was forever spelling Concertgebouworkest wrong!

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… many, many thanks (also to @dylan) for this! Perfect!

Kindest regards to all!


Marcel (and others)

Thanks for this, it’s playing now and sounding good, even at 320kbps. Any plans to stream losslesly in the future (and trump that bastion of classical, BBC Radio 3!)

Edit - I’m not familiar with what’s involved, particularly cost-wise, in going from 320 to lossless. Can anyone help?


Hi Phil,

Thanks for the compliment! Would love to go FLAC with our station, but I’m afraid it will be costly and complicated, so no plans for that in the near future. But who knows… If we do, I will let you know through this forum!



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