Please Add Feature to Randomize Playlists Before Queueing

I have used Roon for about 18 months and I am very happy with it. It allows me to do everything I want to do except for one thing. I have a very large music collection and also like to include a large collection of albums from Tidal in my playlists. The result are playlists that are very long indeed, so long that Roon (understandably) becomes laggy if I queue the entire list.

Although the playlists would take years to listen through, the plan is of course not to keep the list playing for that long. All I want is a random selection of tracks from a very large collection of tracks so that what I wind up listening to can be anything from a large set of possibilities. I listen to music all the time for very long durations, so I like to randomize in this way to keep the listening experience fresh, yet focused on things I like and have selected.

The problem is now I cannot get this to work in Roon through workarounds such as queing the playlist, shuffling the queue, and saving it to a new playlist. Roon just hangs in the process presumably because the queue is too long.

It would be great if you could add a feature to randomize the playlist itself in the playlist interface!!

(It would be nice also to have different randomization options, such as to keep/not keep entire works together. I would probably vary between those two alternatives.)

this exists:

settings -> play actions -> playlists -> turn on shuffle and drag it to the top

How many tracks are these playlists?

Hi Danny!

I have shuffle activated in the way you mention unless I am missing something. Does that not only let you shuffle the tracks by queueing them? I want to shuffle the playlist without queueing it so I can select part of it to queue.

I have playlists that exceed 100k tracks.

oh sorry, I didnt understand that… no, there is no way to shuffle the playlist for viewing

note, these playlists will cause you trouble forever… its best to use tags here – the order clearly does not matter, and tags are optimized to be much larger because they do not preserve order.

This feature request is really really specific to solving this very unusual use case. Just a heads up that it probably won’t get done.

Hehe, yes, I suppose that is not what people usually do. I would recommend it to people with large collections who listen a lot to music. It is a way to “activate” the whole collection rather than listening to the “usual suspects” over and over.

I find that this way of listening keeps expanding my horizons while still not just listening to completely random stuff – I lose patience with that soon.

It would be great if you consider this feature for the future. It is the one thing I miss in an otherwise perfect platform! :smile:

try this, itll be slow, but it should work:

  1. open a playlist (try a small one first)
  2. select all by hitting cmd-a or control-a)
  3. click the 3 dots in the very top selection bar
  4. add to tag
  5. create a tag, select that tag and save

now you can play that tag and it should do exactly what you want.

Thanks Danny, I just played with that a little here. Looks like it may achieve what I want, I’ll report back if I run into problems. :wink: