Please Add Finnish Radio Stations


Radio Nostalgia
Radio Pooki
Radio 957
Radio City
Radio City Helsinki
Iskelmä Helsinki

Done. Please check - I would appreciate especially the web sites and info I have used.

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Amazing! All logos and descriptions look perfect!

Great work, big thank you!
Only issue I’ve spotted is that, Ysäri radio has the same 64 kbps AAC stream twice, instead of listed 128 kbps.mp3 as an alternative.

Whoops. Sorry about that. Fixed now.

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Few more Finnish Radio Stations. I’m not fully sure, if these links are in correct format. These are the best I was able to source.




Yle Radio Suomi Helsinki

Yle Puhe

Yle Radio 1

I’ve added Hitmix, but I can’t do the rest.

The Loop stream is being sent as 10s “chunks” of .ts in HLS format and Roon can’t deal with these as the moment.

The rest are using a redirector to a .asf container stream. This is a Microsoft format that Roon also cannot currently deal with.


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Thanks for the effort. I had a fear they would not work.
I noticed that TuneIn radio’s could potentially be used.
Here’s few still missing from Roon’s selection:

Radio Aalto

Suomi Pop

Got lucky here. Although those stations are also using HLS streams, the underlying stream is made up of aac streams and Roon has (miraculously, and to my surprise) coped.

Both stations added. Please check

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Everything is working. Massive thanks for your help and for Roon Support actually being fast on implementing these! Beautiful work.

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