Please add focus to history

I’ve just got that annual email from Spotify outlining all I’ve played during the year, my no. 1 track, the year unwrapped as they term it.

All this information is in Roon and I have no way of accessing it. Why have a history tab at all if it just a static list of all that has been played.

A decent focus on history could answer lots of questions. Some could even show up on the discover page, this day 4 years ago you first listened to …

There is such power in the information here that is totally untapped.



Great suggestion. History should be something that can be ingested and analyzed by Focus.

It is marginally. There is a lot of personal play information that would be great. Some users scrobble and can see similar information in

shouldn’t that read add history to focus? either way a good suggestion. or maybe a stats page…top plays, artists, albums, labels, formats etc

my wife says I play to many dead people :rofl:

You visit graveyards with your guitar?

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She might prefer that to hearing Hugh M, George M, David B, Amy W, Eva C, Prince and others so often.