Please Add Genre Sub-categories to Albums in both Roon and Tidal

Please. Add subcategories to albums to both roon and Tidal. We have in access of 1000 albums. Would like to have album lists divided in self identified (self genre mapping.)

genres/groups/styles without using focus/roon appointed genres under albums. eg. albums (full list. I have them organized by date added. And then:)


Hello @maxwell_maybury - welcome to the Community.

I’ve moved your post into a new Topic in the Feature Suggestions category - you had posted it at the end of an old thread, and I thought your request should be made more visible.

Can you clarify what you are asking for? There are already Genre sub-categories in Roon and Tidal, are you asking for the Album Browser to have an additional Sort Order added: By Genre/Sub-genre?

I may be missing what you’re asking for here, but it sounds like you just want to be able to display all the albums in a specific genre, organised by date added. If so, this can be done using Focus.

Click ‘> Focus’ (top-left in the image below), then select the genre you want to display.

Once you’ve done that, for easy access in the future, create a bookmark of this view using the bookmark icon (top-right of Roon’s interface). Any subsequent albums that you add to that genre will also be included in the bookmark.

Not wanting to second guess you, but is this the sort of thing you mean?