Please add Jazzloft and .977 - 80's Hits

Could you please add Jazzloft and Nashville FM?

Thanks a lot.

I’ve added Jazzloft, but have held fire on Nashville FM because of this statement on their website

Nashville FM can only be listened to via the internet. Donors can always listen; if you are not a donor you can regularly expect the message ‘server is full’.

Have you tried listening for an extended period?

And .977 80s (no dash) added too.

PS. Is Jazzloft ad-free?

Hi Brian,

thanks for adding these radio stations. Regarding Nashville FM I am not a long time listener.
Jazzloft is not ad free.

Thank you for the ad info; it’s quite difficult sometimes to establish - other than listening for some time.

I’m inclined to hold off adding Nashville, it would appear they are not keen on non-donor listening. What do you think?

Hi Brian,

I also would recommend not to add Nashville FM under the given aspects.
Thanks for investigating.

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